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Community Participation


A study in three European countries has been published in the European Journal of Social Work

Community orientation of services for persons with a psychiatric disability. Comparison between Estonia, Hungary and the Netherlands

Psüühilise erivajadusega inimestele suunatud kogukonnateenused: Eesti, Ungari ja Hollandi võrdlusuuring


This article explores the way mental health services and social services are orientated on assisting people with a psychiatric disability to participate in different areas of community life. A large research project about community participation in three different countries (Estonia, Hungary and the Netherlands) confirms the findings of other studies that – regardless of geographical location – people with a psychiatric disability have difficulty fulfilling social roles in the community.

Surprisingly enough, in all three countries, most social workers are mainly focused on solving individual problems, and not on community participation. Shifting the focus starts by having a clear awareness of the notion of community participation. Social workers have to work both on supporting individuals to find their way in the community (individual support), and on supporting social networks in the community to accommodate persons with a disability on the basis of equal and valued citizenship (community support).


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