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HungaryHungarian Association of Community Development

The elements of the CARe Method 

In the Hungarian DI process…


In January in cooperation with the members of the Hungarian Association of Community Development we started to organize a systematic social inclusion workshop based on the community development methods which are closely related to the CARe method. ​



About the background: Nowadays the Hungarian DI experts are very busy in setting up the second round of the Hungarian National Deinstitutionalization Process (DI) which will change the lifestyle of 4000 people. The community development (as part of the social support of inclusion) was completely missing in the previous (2012-2015) transformation process of the community-based services. That is why we organized a community development expert group to find out how can we support the social inclusion of the DI participants in their new neighbourhood. Those community development experts who are interested in the community-based methods in the field of DI have started to get to know the CARe methodology especially the part of the community care methods. The aim of the workshop is to implement these community-based methods in the whole national DI process. Fortunately we have already had some great results: some elements of the community-based care are already part of the professional methodology of the DI. However, we will still continue our work in this area. 

- Updates from Lucia Csabai