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ArmeniaLilit Presented Armenia's Experience

The experience of CARe Europe was basically used in four directions: university programs, trainings for mental health professionals, opening of Recovery College and training for peer consultants. At the end of April 2016 first Community Based Care House was open in Spitak as an alternative to large boarding houses such as Vardenis Psychoneurological Boarding House that provides shelter for more than 450 people.

Recovery College started in Armenia since October 1st 2015. The College has 8 peer consultants, and starting from this year - 5 mental health professionals. The College already has 28 graduates. Armenian College has its own peculiarities: it is designed for people with mental health problems, their family members, as well as for young and experienced mental health professionals. It turns out that Recovery College lessons are already a possibility for social integration.

In Armenia CARe principles were used for training of mental health professionals from different regions of Armenia. The RA Ministry of  Labor and Social Affairs decided to create and retrain groups of specialists /team that includes 3 members: psychiatrist, psychologist and social worker/ for each region to evaluate mental health patients at place. The training program included  one of the basic CARe principles, that evaluation should be done with an emphasis on the individuals’ stored resources and recovery, and not only on disease and treatment. - Updates from Lilit Baghdasaryan