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The aim of the partnership programme is to establish partnerships between organisations working in the field of community based services and social inclusion throughout Europe and Central Asia.

A partnership means that a relation is established on the basis of mutual respect and the desire to exchange experiences, knowledge and support. Partnerships between high-income and low-income often countries often include financial support to enable new services to be created in the low-income country. A partnership is established for 2 or  3 years, but can be prolonged afterwards.


The CARe Network provides, together with its international partners, support to write the proposal and to find a suitable partner. For new organisations to be admitted to the programme, The CARe Network will carefully check credentials. The key criteria we consider to couple organizations as partners:

- Relevance. Are partners working on the same field, representing the same values and principles?

- Reliability. Are partners reliable, registered NGOs, with a reputation in their local environment?

- Contribution. How partners can contribute to this co-operation?

- Sustainability. How can the co-operation strengthen both organizations contributing to their sustainability?





1. Executive summary


2. Background

2.1 General information about the country/region with regard to the field

2.2 Relevance of the project with regard to innovation of the field


3. Name and description of the organisation


4. Project description

4.1                  Overall goal

4.2                  Specific goals / objectives

4.3                  Activities

4.4                  Time table

4.5                  Project team


5. Expected results


6. Evaluation criteria en evaluation method


7. Budget


8. Sustainability


9. Partner expectations and expectations with regard to mutual contributions.


10. Contact details