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The CARe Network Partnership Programme

The CARe Network's aim is to mobilize and strengthen the network of professionals, users and organizations working for the transition of mental health and social services in line with the UN CRPD.


Seeing these living examples of our growing network we decided to open a new Partnership Program in order to connect Western European service providers with their Eastern European or Central Asian partners. 


The aim of our Partnership Programme is to initiate long term co-operation combined with support and mutual learning between Western European service providers and Eastern European or Central Asian organizations.


The CARe Network takes the position of mediator between the potential partner organizations as a third partner.


The key issues we consider when try to find partner organizations:


- Relevance. Are partners working on the same field, representing the same values and principles?

- Reliability. Are partners reliable, registered NGOs, with a good reputation in their local environment?

- Contribution. How partners can contribute to this co-operation? We encourage multiple forms of mutual contribution, like advice, learning experiences and financial support.

- Sustainability. How can the co-operation strengthen both organizations contributing to their sustainability?


The CARe Network is seeking for active organizations that are willing to participate in our Partnership Programme from each region. Call for Application can be submitted continuously. To apply for a partner organization we kindly ask you to describe your activities and ideas about your future co-operation along the four dimensions mentioned above, using the format provided.