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Presentations at CARe Europe Seminar 2013

Welcome and introduction to the Conference
Prof.  Jean Pierre Wilken, President The CARe Network

Geoff Shepherd (United Kingdom). Project leader ImROC programme “Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change”. 
Theme: Changing mental health services. How to get it done?
Lauri Leppik (Estonia), professor of social policy.
Theme: New developments in Social Policy in the Baltic Countries.
David Blazey (United Kingdom), Social Inclusion and Recovery Project Manager,

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Maudsley Charity.
Theme: Peer Support Initiatives: Contributing to Service Delivery in a Mental Health Trust.
Henk Geelen (Netherlands), secretary of the European Association of Youth Workers.
Theme: Community youth services in Europe, how to include all children?
Zsolt Bugarszki (Hungary), director CARe Europe and researcher Elte University.
Theme: Creating community based services in low-budget countries.
Sylvia Cox (Netherlands), director of Voluntary Services Ravelijn.
Theme: The role of voluntary work in recovery and social inclusion.
Dirk den Hollander (Netherlands), head of training CARe.

Theo Euverman (Netherlands), CARe Trainer/ User Expert

Theme: Latest developments in CARe methodology. How to train professionals in recovery support and social inclusion?

Külli Mäe / Anita Kurvits (Estonia)
Theme: Good Practice in Users Involvement

Living in the space, experiences with schizophrenia. Video trailer. 
The position of peer counsellors in Estonia
Oliver Kukk (Estonia), peer counsellor

Moving from the institution to the community;
Experiences in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Croatia and Georgia
Dr. Narine Khachatryan, Lilit Baghdasaryan (Armenia), Dr. Mikhail Popkov (Kyrgyzstan), Oksana Gulak (Kazakhstan), Ada Stojanovic Babic (Croatia)Nino Agdgomelashvili (Georgia),  Dr. Zsolt Bugarszki (Hungary).

In Kyrgyzstan 
Dr. Mikhail Popkov (Kyrgyzstan)

DI in Croatia 
Ada Stojanovic Babic (Croatia)

Mental health reform in Georgia: uneven path of development
Nino Agdgomelashvili (Georgia), project manager and social and human rights activist at GIP-Tbilisi. 

In Armenia
Dr. Narine Khachatryan, Lilit Baghdasaryan (Armenia)