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Denmark DenmarkInge Lund Boergager

Aarhus, Denmark

Mrs. Inge Lund Boergager is a consultant in the Department of Social Services in the City of Aarhus, Denmark. She has worked in daily contact with citizens with challenges like mental vulnerability, alcohol and drug abuse and homelessness for many years. In 2007, she joined the CARe-programme and became an instructor in the field of Social Psychiatry in the City of Aarhus. From 2007 onwards, she introduced many social workers to the recovery-oriented approach of rehabilitation. She has been the team leader of the group of CARe-instructors in the City of Aarhus and has only recently handed this assignment over to colleagues and peer supports.

Inge joined the group of social workers who offer some of the municipal services a screening with the purpose of taking the temperature on organizations’ degree of recovery-orientation and supporting further progress. The Department of Social Services has been involved in developing a tool to be used in progress with leaders, social workers and citizens. Inge has been the team leader of the group called recovery- screeners.

Inge is involved in impact assessment to examine if the municipal services are able to support the citizens in achieving their goals. These assessments reveal the need of further support in implementing recovery- orientated services. Further more she is involved in different projects to try new ways of supporting the citizens in working with their personal recovery and getting their life back on trail.