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Kazahsztan KazahsztanOxana Gulak

Psychoanalyst, Groups and Children’s Analyst

Oxana Gulak is a psychoanalyst, groups and children’s analyst, the coordinator of web projects by health rights Amansaulyk NGO. Amansaulyk is human rights NGO, which since 2007 has been engaged in protection of human rights, the rights to health, including protection of the rights of people with mental problems. She graduated from the Moscow institute of psychoanalysis. Oxana is the co-founder of Community for psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and trainer. She works with children, adolescence, families using psychoanalytic approach. She is interested in assistance and provision of possibilities for rehabilitation to people with mental problems.

"Aman-Saulyk" public fund is nonprofit organization that since 2007 has been involved in human rights activities of citizens in the areas of health, social protection, and the protection of the rights of people who are in prison. PF "Amansaulyk" is a member of: The organization of legal entities (LEA) "Union for medical and social rights" (Kazakhstan), Association of Doctors and Pharmacists Kazakhstan, Inter-regional public organization "Society of pharmacy-economic studies" (Russia), Eurasian Initiative for Patient Safety (Ukraine), The International Federation of dealing with health and human rights (International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organizations). The Foundation's mission is to promote social and scientific dialogue between public authorities, civil society organizations and representatives of various social groups. Foundation activities include projects in the areas of health, social protection, as well as in the legal field.