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Julie Repper United Kingdom Julie Repper

Keynote Speaker

Julie Repper is head of Recovery of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust in the U.K., Associate Professor of Recovery at the University of Nottingham and Senior Consultant at the ImROC programme. She is the author of many books, including: Social Inclusion and Recovery: A Model for Mental Health Practice. She was involved in the development of one of the first Recovery Colleges in the U.K. Read more...

Geof Cox United Kingdom Geof Cox

Keynote Speaker

Geof Cox has over 30 years social enterprise development experience.

He specialises in organisational change and restructuring, especially around the transformation of public services and the start or expansion of trading activities by public or voluntary sector bodies.  He is regarded as one of the leading UK experts on organisational structures for social enterprise.


Pavel Říčan Czech Republic Pavel Říčan


Centre for Mental Health Care Development

Developments in the field of deinstitutionalization and community care in Czech Republic

Michal Kašpar Czech Republic Michal Kašpar

Peer Specialist, Centre for Mental Health Care Development

Examples of involvement of experts by experience in the Czech Republic

Pavel Novak Czech Republic Pavel Novak

Director of Fokus Praha, civic association providing community services for people with mental health problems in Prague and Central Bohemia

Chairperson of Fokus – Association for Mental Health Care - Czech umbrella organisation of regional community services providers

David Blazey United Kingdom David Blazey

Affiliation: Head of Social Inclusion and Recovery projects, 

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Title: Social inclusion and recovery through participation in arts and sport: learning from projects in South London 

Kees van Rest The Netherlands Kees van Rest

Workshop Peer Support by Kees van Rest and Rob Versteegt

Presenter: Kees van Rest

Title: 'Peer Support: better than professional care?'

Ctibor Lacina Czech Republic Ctibor Lacina

Klub Mosty, Fokus Praha

Abstract for The CARe Conference workshop: Club Mosty

Jana Pekárková CZECH REPUBLIC Jana Pekárková

Klub Mosty, Fokus Praha

Abstract for The CARe Conference workshop: Club Mosty

Ainur Shakenova Kazakhstan Ainur Shakenova

Organisation: Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan

Social Inclusion Program Coordinator 

From the Paternalistic Policy To Social Integration: Social Inclusion For the Mentally Disabled


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